Artifical lake in Michalice

The lake is located one and a half kilometer north of Namysłów on the Widawa river. It is 3 kilometer long measuring from the river mouth near Kowalowice up to the dam. The lake area is 93 hectares at the lowest level and 95.6 at the highest water level.
In the broadest point (the north-east part of the lake) it spreads to 300 meters, the shallowest point is 1.5 meter and the deepest one – 3 meters.
Lapwings and redshanks have their nesting places there. Visitors can observe a lot of less or more interesting species, whose presence had never been recorded in the area before, that is prior to the lake creation.

For the first time the lake was filled with water at the end of January 2001. At its broadest point the lake has two little islands of several dozens of square meters each. They serve mainly as a resting place for ducks during their spring and autumn passage.
Agrotourist farms are set around the lake, which not only offer accommodation but also rent water sports equipment, particularly windsurfing for which the lake is an ideal place.

Fishermen who look after the fish population regularly stock the lake. You can often meet fishing lovers around the lake as the abundance of fish species offers one more idea for spending spare time here.
Another tourist attraction is an antique wooden church in the nearby village Michalice. The temple was built in 1614. It has mortise and tenon construction on stony foundation. Picturesquely situated on a little hill on the Michalice Lake bank the church is particularly worth seeing after dusk. Beautifully lit it looks really splendidly in the surrounding park.