Smogorzów Legend

It is not always possible to explain the origin of towns’ names in a scientific way. Let’s try a fairytale way instead.

A long time ago the inhabitants of one village were tormented by a dragon, a bloodthirsty reptile, greedy and belching fire from its mouth. The people lived in constant fear and to ease the beast’s anger they regularly made sacrifices. The village where the dragon resided owes its name to the aforementioned monster and we are talking about Smogorzów.

The dragon’s roar could be heard even in far-off settlements. The names Rychtal and Rychniów have their names after the monster’s roar. The inhabitants of Głuszyca (Deaf) lived even nearer the dragon’s lair and its loud voice almost entirely deafened them.

The persecuted people had to leave their homes. A meeting was called in the area of the present Namysłów. They were thinking and pondering for a very long time and so the name Namysłów was conceived (from ‘ponder’).

Finally, an idea of a crusade against the beast was formed. Message was sent to two locally well known strongmen, Joseph and Michael. A bunch of other people joined the two and because nobody knew their names it was assumed that they came from Michalice and Józefków.

After long preparations the crusade eventually started. In the vicinity of the present Objazda (Go round) the company had to go round large swamps.
In Kowalowice (Smith place) the worriers had to shoe their horses before the final battle. Unfortunately, the crusade was a complete disaster. The dragon proved to be too powerful. Terrified people were sure of their doom, but, all of a sudden, a volunteer appeared, a trumpeter from Trębaczów (Trumpeters). He blew his trumpet so loud that the petrified dragon cut and ran and the residents of Smogorzów and other nearby villages lived happily ever after.
Are the above events true? Of course they are! Just have a look at the names of towns and villages in Namysłów Poviat and you will have no doubts.