The Strategy of Namyslow Community Development

26th of February 2002 the County Council accepted with the resolution No. XXXIV/276/2002 'The Strategy of Namyslow Community Development'. The Strategy contains the record of collective needs of local community, which was identified in process of wide consultation. This document is the symptom of planning, laying out the perspectives and taking the responsibility for local development. It is also an important argument for potential investors, as well as necessary condition to use in applying for structural funds.

Priorities and goals of Community development


  1. Improvement of conditions of living and decreasing the rate of unemployment
  2. Gaining the investments and capital as well as supporting the enterprise
  3. Education and activation of local communities
  4. Preserving, development as well as exploiting of natural and cultural values
  5. Exploiting the investment potential of local councils


  1. Creating the conditions for investing and for the enterprise creating the workplaces
  2. Educated occupants having access to well organized educational base
  3. Partnership and co-operation of the main subjects of public and economic life
  4. Development of modern and functional social services
  5. Restructuring of rural areas
  6. The City of Namyslow the attractive capital the subregion
  7. Clean environment
  8. Namyslow Country touristically and culturally attractive